Step 5 - Monitoring the Status of Your Application

You can monitor the progress of your application to see, for example, whether you are successful at being placed into your requested leagues.  Before outlining how to do so, please keep in mind that this information can take a few days to reflect a newly-submitted application. It is also not unusual for the system to show an applicant as having no league status for a while (a day or two) before appearing as either wait-listed or a confirmed league participant.

To monitor the progress of your application ...

Here you can see the current status of your application, such as ...

  • your membership status with the club;
  • whether YCC has received your payment; and,
  • the various leagues (if any) that were requested in your application, together with your status in each such league.

For team-entry leagues, you can also choose to review your team's composition to ensure that you have been placed into the correct team. To do so, go to the Teams, Schedules, Standings page (from within the Member's Home page) and select the team-entry league of interest. It warrants mention that, during the membership registration process, team members will often not appear in the column appropriate to their respective positions. In time, however, as we approach commencement of league play, the expectation is that participant names will be re-organized to display under their respective team positions (that is, if the league is one which involves set teams).

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