All quoted rates are inclusive of 13% HST.

For league participants, YCC pays an annual levy to the Ontario Curling Association and Curling Canada -- that being, $19.95 inclusive of HST for anyone 14 years of age and older.  YCC's quoted fee rates are inclusive of this levy.

Fee Component that varies based on Membership Type 

   Adult League Participant (often referred to as the "Club Fee") $205
        * Club Fee as of September 13, 2017 $235
   Capital Fund levy - added to Adult League Participants $50
   Youth League Participant (ie, participates in only Juniors or Little Rocks) nil
   Daytime Seniors - half-year October to December or January to April $125
   Sparing Membership $355
   Practice-Ice Only Membership $120
   Social Membership $50
   OCA Designated Member $55

League-Specific Fees

   Ladies' Monday Evening Team Entry League $210
   Ladies' Tuesday Afternoon House League $120
   Ladies' Wednesday Evening House League  $210
   Ladies' Thursday Afternoon House League  $120
   Men's Monday Evening House League  $210
   Men's Tuesday Evening Team Entry League  $210
   Men's Wednesday Afternoon Team Entry League  $155
   Men's Thursday Afternoon Team Entry League  $155
   Men's Thursday Evening House League  $210
   Tuesday Afternoon Open League - NEW   $145
   Friday Afternoon Open League $120
   Friday Evening Mixed Social League  $130
   Saturday Evening Mixed Social League  $130
   Sunday Afternoon Mixed Team Entry League  $145
   Sunday Evening Development League (aka Novice League) $130
   Juniors League  $140
   Little Rocks League  $140
   Daytime Seniors League (quoted rate includes up to two time slots)  $75

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