Fee Structure

A member's seasonal fee comprises two components.

The first component is based on the type of membership:

  • $205 for those who participate in any of YCC's adult leagues including Daytime Seniors-Full Year  (referred to as the "Club Fee");
    • Club Fee increases to $235 as of August 31, 2019
    • a $50 levy is also added that is dedicated to a Capital Fund
  • $125 for half-season daytime Seniors, October to  December or January to April
  • $150 for Open Flex League - no capital fee or additional league fees
  • $355 for those who seek only a sparing membership
  • $  50 for those who seek only social membership privileges
  • $120 for those who seek only practice-ice privileges
  • $  55 for those who seek only an OCA designation

The second component is a league-specific fee for participation in each of the various leagues in which a member is registered.  The amount of this fee varies by league -- from as low as $75 for the Seniors League to as much as $210 for Evening Leagues.



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