"League Fee" – The Board has adjusted League Fees to make them more equitable across all leagues.  The League Fee will vary based on type of league, time allocated for the game, demand for the time slot, time allocated for the game, the number of games in a season and the number of curlers involved in a game.

  1. League Fees will range from $90 to $220 per league in addition to the club fee.
  2. For the 2022-23 season, the Board has made the decision to continue to make the leagues more equitable across the club.  Note changes in some league fees.
  3. Last season, TAG curlers were charged $75 for one league and $20 for the second.  Going forward, each draw will be charged individually without a discount for the second league to make the cost per game more equitable across all leagues. The TAG league fee has been increased to $90/time slot ($75 league fee + $15 hot beverage fee).  
  4. The Board has introduced a program whereby the lowest priced leagues beyond your 2nd league (applies to 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.) will be discounted by 25%.  
  5. If any overpayments are made at time of registration, Membership will make the appropriate refunds once registration is complete.   Thank you for your understanding.

The following leagues are available at the York Curling Club:


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