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Why should you advertise at York Curling Club?

  • Canada now has over 1 million active curlers, with 15 million adult Canadians watching curling on television each season
  • York has approximately 700 members who curl 1-5 times a week - all potential clients for you!
  • Our members reside in Newmarket, Aurora and surrounding York Region, which creates a great regional advertising opportunity
  • Every night close to 100 people will see your advertisements – that's almost 20,000 views over the season and 700 every week
  • Every Saturday is booked, with a bonspiel, a competition or a community event! Over 100 additional potential clients.
  • Advertisers will also have an opportunity to offer incentives directly to our members via the website and social media
  • Various mediums by which to communicate your key messages - On-Ice Wall Signage, Website, Social Media, Social Events, Bonspiels and League events all available for your valuable advertising dollars
  • The cost to play - a fraction of the cost of advertising in local Regional newspapers (single placement, half page ad is $2,800)

Please contact:

Cam Rogers
220 Muriel Street
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 3N3
905-898-2155 (club phone number)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.ycc crest75


Sponsorship Packages

All perk descriptions are detailed below.

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Sponsorship Package Details &

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League Sponsorship Availability

The York Curling Club has many different leagues that cater to many different ages and skill levels where you may become an League Sponsor. Your logo will be displayed online in association with the league that you choose to sponsor on the team list, schedule and standings pages. Your league sponsorship includes one night per session (two times) for the sponsor to come into the club and present to their league as well as presenting the trophy to the winning team of that league during the Night of Champions. Below is a list of leagues that are available for sponsorship.
Competitive: Suitable for culers interested in a higher level of game play.
Recreational: Suitable for curlers of all skill levels. A new curler can easily join this league.
Social: Suitable for a social, less-competitive atmosphere. A new curler can easily join this league.


 League  Participant Type

 Day Played


 Little Rocks  Youth Recreational (U12)  Sunday Morning  
 Junior League   Youth Competitive/Recreational   (U15/U18/U21)  Sunday Morning  
 Open Team Entry Flight League  Men/Women's Recreational  Sunday Afternoon/Evening  
 Open Senior Tag League  Men/Women's Senior (50+) Social  Monday Morning

 Chartwell Alexander Muir,
 Barton and Park Place
 Retirement Homes

 Open Tag League  Men/Women's Social  Monday Afternoon  
 Women's Team Entry Flight   League  Women's Competitive   Monday Evening  
 Open Team Entry  Men/Women's Competitive/Recreational  Tuesday Afternoon  
 Men's Team Entry Flight  Men's Competitive  Tuesday Afternoon  
 Open Senior Tag League  Men/Women's Senior (50+) Social  Wednesday Morning  Chartwell Alexander Muir,
 Barton and Park Place
 Retirement Homes
 Open Tag League  Men/Women's Social  Wednesday     Afternoon  
 Men's Team Entry League  Men's Recreational  Wednesday Afternoon  
 Women's House League  Women's Recreational  Wednesday Evening  Jill Renshaw
 Day Women's House League  Women's Recreational  Thursday Afternoon  
 Men's Team Entry League  Men's Recreational  Thursday Afternoon  
 Men's House League  Men's Recreational  Thursday Evening  
 Open Doubles League  Men/Women's Competitive/Recreational  Thursday Evening  
 Open Team Entry Flight   League  Men/Women's Competitive  Friday Afternoon  
 Open Social House League  Men/Women's Social  Friday Evening  
 Open Doubles/Triples League  Men/Women's Social  Saturday Evening  


Event Sponsorship Availability

The York Curling Club hosts several events and bonspiels where you may become an Event Sponsor. Your signage is displayed online leading up to and in print at the event. You can also choose to set up a display table in the lounge area to advertise/display/sell your goods and/or services during the event.

 Below is a list of Club hosted events that are available for Sponsorship. Also available are “naming” privileges to become a Title Sponsor for any bonspiel for an additional cost of $50.00 plus tax per year. Our largest club bonspiel is our “Closing Spiel”. This is held at the end of the curling season and involves almost two hundred club members over five consecutive days. All of our Event Sponsors are advertised on our website when the event is promoted. Each event will have only one Title Sponsor and may have any number of Event Sponsors.


 Events Category Proposed Date Title Sponsor Event Sponsors


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Advertising at YCC

Advertise At York Curling Club

York Curling Club offers local businesses a number of options to introduce their products and services to our many members and visitors. Download our Adverising Information Page for more details.

For further information please contact:
Denise Burdon,
Sponsorship & Marketing Director
York Curling Club,
220 Muriel Street,
Newmarket, ON L3Y 3N3
Email: [email protected]

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